We have been working on launching our Enterpack system for a while now and we are delighted to bring it to you with this video!

Enterpack is a professional automated heat sealing tray system, allowing you to keep Stirks products in your fridge for longer without having to freeze! There’s no need to worry about how fresh our meat is either, all our meat is cut and packed into the Enterpack trays by our expert staff every morning and the Enterpack system also prints a sticker so you can see when your product was packed and what the best before date is.

The versatility of the Enterpack system has meant we are able to experiment further with different packs and products as we now have a much wider range of packaging options. For example, our 10 chicken breasts for £10 can be packed into one tray and our range of ready meals can be packed into trays which can be transferred straight from our bags to your oven.

We are always looking for new ways to keep our customers happy and this is just one of the products we’ve recently invested in to transform Stirks butchery. We hope you are pleased with our investment and watch out for more brand new products soon…