It’s that time of the year again! We have been hard at work the past couple of weeks and we are delighted to be offering our customers a choice from FOUR Stirks hampers this Christmas!

Order forms are ready and waiting in our Grangetown and Sea Road stores, along with our Stirks Christmas Club cards meaning you can pay off your hampers little bit by little bit in the weeks leading up to Christmas day.

Turkey and Trimmings Hamper – £32.00

  • 2.5kg Turkey Crown, Stirks Sausages, Back Bacon, Sausage Meat, Pigs in Blankets

Christmas Family Hamper – £50.00

  • 2.5kg Turkey Crown, Gammon Joint, Pork Joint, Streaky Bacon, Sausage Meat, Back Bacon, Chipolatas.

XL Christmas Hamper – £90.00

  • 5kg Turkey Crown, Beef Joint, Gammon Joint, Pork Joint, Pigs in Blankets, Stirks Sausages, Back Bacon, Streaky Bacon, Chestnut Stuffing & Goose Fat.

Large Turkey and Beef Hamper – £65.00

  • 5kg Turkey Crown, Large Beef Joint, Sausage Meat & Pigs in Blankets.

Selection of Turkey Crowns

  • 2.5kg Turkey Crown – £20.00
  • 3kg turkey Crown Stuffed and wrapped  – £30.00
  • 3kg turkey crown Stuffed and Rolled – £30.00
  • 5kg Turkey Crown – £40.00
  • 6kg turkey Crown Stuffed and wrapped  – £50.00


If you would like your turkey crowns to be wrapped in streaky bacon or stuffed with stirks special sausage meat it will be £5 extra. To be wrapped and stuffed, an extra £10.

We are also able to order in full turkeys and lamb joints if you want to upgrade your turkey crown and/or add a lamb joint to your hamper. Prices will depend on weight and will be worked out in store.

Last Christmas we took on a huge amount of orders, so have decided this year in order to be completely organised and to give you the most efficient service in store, we will be taking no more than 2,000 orders across Grangetown and Sea road stores. There will be a select number of delivery slots available on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December but once they’re gone they’re gone!

Any questions, please feel free to pop us an email over or inbox us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Thanks everyone!